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Vai Vem          

Critical essays, speculative exercises, and literary texts by guest contributors from various disciplinary areas, published in pocketbook format.

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Feira da Alegria
Jardins da Faculdade Belas-Artes, Porto 
15 e 16 Junho 2024

Vai Vem x João Castro
Matéria Prima, Porto 
23 Maio 2024

CAV - Feira do Livro de Arte
Centro Artes Visuais, Coimbra 
18 e 19 Maio 2024

Vai Vem x Eva Gonçalves
Livraria STET, Lisboa 
14 Dezembro 2023

Sprint Milano Art Book Fair
Spazio Maiocchi, Milão
25–26 de Novembro 2023

Apresentação Vai Vem 
Livraria STET, Lisboa 
14 Outubro 2023

etceteras: festival feminista
de design e edição – Feira do Livro
Casa Comum, Porto
5–7 Outubro 2023

Vai Vem x Soraia Gomes Teixeira
Livraria Térmita, Porto
7 de Junho de 2023

Vai Vem x Marta Ramos
Vai Vem x Paulo Mariz
Biblioteca Prática, Porto
30 de Novembro de 2022

Onde encontrar:

Livraria Térmita
Largo de Mompilher 5
R/C 4050-392 Porto

Livraria do Batalha
Praça da Batalha 47
4000-101 Porto

Matéria Prima
R. Miguel Bombarda 23
24050-377 Porto

Brotéria - Snob
R. S. Pedro de Alcântara 3
1250-237 Lisboa

Livraria ZDB
R. da Barroca 57
1200-049 Lisboa

STET – Livros & Fotografias
R. Actor António Cardoso 12A
1900-011 Lisboa

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Enquanto se Azula Faz-se Pôr-do-Sol
João Castro

The Royal Studio, De Poche, aqui João Castro. Como um só, avançam num vaguear frenético por um lugar onde versos e formas desenham estórias, rastilhos para a vida: o real e o intangível, o material e o abstracto. E não havendo um tempo seguro para se olhar para o Sol, com vigor se evita o poente — a sombra é pesada e o corpo leve.

formato: 112 x 178mm
páginas: 100
texto e desenho: João Castro
edição e design: Margarida Antunes e Pedro Mota 
idioma: português
Maio 2024

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The Infinite School
Eva Gonçalves
(2nd edition)

In this two-part essay, questions are raised about the way in which syllabuses imposed by capitalist and conservative government systems compromise educational spaces and the development of the student as an individual and a professionals. In design education in particular it is time to look for new ways of doing and thinking about a discipline whose definitions have become increasingly hybrid, and at the same time, to rethink ways in which relates to the world and the real needs of students and teachers. The author also introduces and recounts the experience of an alternative school in which through design, it is possible to imagine a teaching model which is horizontal, free and community-based

format: 112 x 178mm
pages: 100
texts: Eva Gonçalves
edition and design: Margarida Antunes e Pedro Mota
language: Portuguese
March 2024

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Touching Common Place
Soraia Gomes Teixeira

The starting point of this exercise is trying to understand the place that the body and touch occupy in social and human relationships: how this connection evolves growing up and how this contact conditions intimacy and the way we relate to each other or the others. Social, ideological, geographic, or technological factors structure these contacts, but that is not all. Design can also act as a mediator of these processes and its contribution can both encourage and compromise the establishment of these connections. Here, design serves as a tool to test touch and commonplace: from a set of objects designed to encourage the approximation between bodies, the reactions and behaviors that emerge from the unusual proximity are observed and recorded.

format: 112 x 178mm
pages: 100
texts: Soraia Gomes Teixeira
edition and design: Margarida Antunes e Pedro Mota
language: Portuguese with English translation
translation: Hugo Pinto Santos
ISBN: 978-989-33-4655-6
Maio 2023

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A Dance Between Two Stones and a Shadow
Marta Ramos

This dance contains many stories: those of empathy, mystery, affection, fantasy. It is imagination that guides each step, each movement, each fragment of the choreography. The shapes of the stones and the shadow are as volatile and multiple as the landscapes that host them, and the sounds that accompany them. It is the absence and emptiness that give us signs of what might be there. Time is that of the page, or rather that of the spectator flipping through it. In each dance is the opportunity to find a new story. The one we want to contemplate and listen to.

format: 112 x 178mm
pages: 100
texts: Marta Ramos, Margarida Antunes e Pedro Mota (eds.)
edition and design: Margarida Antunes, Pedro Mota
language: Portuguese with English translation
translation: Hugo Pinto Santos
ISBN: 978-989-33-3976-3
November 2022

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Each Eye Reflects Its Own Rainbow
Paulo Mariz

Right eye. Rainbow. On this map, photographs and drawings lead us through different physical states, shapes, and places — both real and imaginary, natural or artificial. These images expose the fragility of human perception faced with the inability to understand or mean what you see. Even if, not knowing it, what we are looking at can be so familiar to us. Movement, colour, temperature, transparency, light, water. Rainbow. Left eye.

format: 112 x 178mm
pages: 100
texts: Paulo Mariz, Margarida Antunes e Pedro Mota (eds.)
edition and design: Margarida Antunes e Pedro Mota
language: Portuguese with English translation
translation: Hugo Pinto Santos
ISBN: 978-989-33-3980-0
November 2022

Not Available (consult dealers)